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           We Have the BEST courses!

What We Have

Over 30 acres with 6 fields

Urban Assault Paintball Park near Pittsburgh has six amazing playing fields to keep your games exciting!  Plus, we have a Zombieland course!

We offer plenty of staging, with covered car ports and picnic tables. Not only do we have food, snacks and drinks for sale, there are also pizza shops that deliver . We even have multiple fire pits and grills for you to bring your own grub.

Fields at our paintball park near Pittsburgh

What our courses are like

Deadwood is a western town with over 25 buildings and props to bring your inner cowboy or cowgirl out!

Our Field of Fury has HUGE dirt mounds for you to take cover and shoot!

Our paintball park has the largest woods ball in the Pittsburgh area! This thrilling natural terrain provides limitless challenges. Use natures obstacles to engage your foe!

This tournament style hyper pipe field near Pittsburgh has astro turf and hosts fast-paced action!  This field is all about teamwork! For night play, we have stadium lighting and surround sound music!

This hybrid field near Pittsburgh in the woods has tons of buildings and bunkers.

Our air ball field near Pittsburgh features inflatable bunkers to protection as you search our your foe!

Our staging area

we have you covered

Shade and shelter

We have a covered area with picnic tables and benches to keep sun or rain off you between games. Our staging area is completely mulched and includes two 18 x 24 foot pavilions and four 12 x 18 foot pavilions with four to six picnic tables each. 

Our paintball park near Pittsburgh provides a cleaning station in the middle of the staging area, complete with rags, spray bottles and sanitizer. 

paintball players at paintball park near pittsburgh

our fields

Fields at Urban Assault Paintball Park
near Pittsburgh, PA

we'll keep the fires going

And we have bonfires!

We have multiple fire pits and grills at our paintball park in the Pittsburgh area for you to cook your grub!  Bring the fixings for hot dogs and smores to munch on after you’ve worked up an appetite playing paintball at our fields near Pittsburgh.

campers at overnight birthday paintball party

Games at our Paintball Park near Pittsburgh

Capture your opponent’s flag and bring it back to your base.

Deposit all of your teams footballs into the barrel in the center of the field. If you are hit while carrying the football, you must drop it. Only a live player may retrieve or deposit footballs into the barrel. The team with the most footballs when times up wins!

Change your teams flags or slap sticks at a series of points to your color. Whoever controls the most points at the end of the time limit wins.

Teams must secure the objective from a point on the field and return it to their base.

Players are not allowed to cross the center until the referee sounds the siren. After the siren sounds, players can cross the center. Players are allowed to re-spawn until the siren is sounded.

Multiple skulls are hidden throughout the field. Players must find as many as they can and return them to their base before the time runs out. Whichever team has the most skulls at their base wins!

Each team must secure their bomb from a specified location. They infiltrate enemy lines to plant their bomb in a marked location. Do this before the other team to destroy the enemy’s supplies and win the game!

Capture the flag and infiltrate the enemy’s base to post it up.

Aliens are hidden before the game begins and the predator in groups 2-4 are released every 2-3 minutes.They must be located and destroyed. Beware, weaponry turns hunters into aliens.

One team must defend their base while the other attacks. The attacking team has to make it to the other side of the field and tag specified locations to capture enemy territory.  Defending team wins if they prevent this from happening until time expires.

Play until one team is completely eliminated or until time expires. The team with most survivors wins.

Terrorists are hidden on the field. The VIP/President has to make it across the field to make their escape. The bodyguards must use teamwork to evacuate the president.

2 teams line up 50 feet apart in 2 lines across from each other. They must ready 1 paintball into the chamber, aim & fire only on the refs command. Clear the hit from the line and take one step closer and repeat.

The infected players will attack the survivors. When an infected player shoots a survivor, the player re-spawns as an infected player. When infected players are hit, they are eliminated.