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Why Low Impact Paintball?

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Fun and safe paintball

Low impact paintball

Paintball players who are new to the game are sometimes intimidated by high intensity sporting contests. Some parents discourage their children’s requests for paintball birthday parties because of the visual impact of paintball games they observe at their local field or on TV. It is normal for parents of minority age participants to be apprehensive prior to that first game. 

But not with LOW IMPACT PAINTBALL!  Low impact paintball uses a smaller paintball – less mass means way less impact! It feels about like the snap of a rubber band. Low impact paintball also uses a smaller gun that is lighter weight and easier to handle.  Even adults enjoy low impact paintball at our paintball park near Pittsburgh!

68 vs 50 caliber paintball

low and impact paintball

paintball is for everyone at our paintball park near pittsburgh

father and son paintball players

           No Matter your age or experience level,
we've got you covered!

low impact is for everyone

New to paintball?

Never played?  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Urban Assault Paintball near Pittsburgh are always on hand to answer your questions, give you tips and help you out with whatever you need. Whether you are playing alone, with a few friends or part of a large group, our friendly staff will guide you for the entire day ensuring everyone has a great time.  You may be a recreational player now, but we can turn you into a fierce paintball competitor!
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Paintball is Perfect for Groups!
Low Impact Paintball is perfect for birthday parties, company parties, reunions or any other group that wants the experience of outdoor recreation and paintball!
Urban Assault Paintball is one of the nicest fields in the NorthEast! Great staff, fantastic fields and multiple playing environments make for a great day for players of any skill level.
Eric D.

Every Friday and Saturday in October

Annual Zombie Assault

$25 / person *Includes 750 rounds
$5 for each additional 750 rounds

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